Reviews Erogan

  • Andi
    The more I gained the weight, the less often I wanted sexual intimacy with my wife. It arrived up that the Sex is almost gone from our lives. I didn't want to destroy the marriage, so I went to the doctor. Urologist advised me to normalize diet, exercise (especially with the involvement of the legs) and taking the tablets erogan. Even before the weight reduction of erection, re-entered my life thanks to this miracle-means, so I advise it to all men, the problems in bed.
  • Rudi
    Due to problems with the thyroid gland in me Libido decreased, and then the erection disappeared. I was afraid from the feeling that I want to stay impotent in a relatively young age. To the doctor I did not want to go, so I searched for a solution on the Internet, and at the end found! Thanks to the tablets erogan I'm back to live a full sexual.
  • Kiki
    My husband is at work, there were problems, and then even fired. He is seriously experienced the loss of a job, and I asked him ons, but if enough time has passed, I understood that he has problems with erection. Then in the Internet I found information about the pills Erogan and decided to buy them. Now we have the second honeymoon!
  • Desi
    At me the erection was to disappear, so I shared with a friend about the Problem. It turned out that it is also not spared. He said that he well helped tablets eroganand I also decided to try. I have come to understand that we are all individual, and what helped him, can me result is not so good. But my doubt dispelled, when after 3 days after the start of taking the drug my erection was, as before, and after 2 weeks I could not satisfied his wife in bed for a whole hour! So I recommend this remedy to all!
  • Silvia
    I never thought that my husband was faced with such a Problem, such as impotence, because he always led a healthy lifestyle and sports. Long urged him to see a doctor, and yet he has abandoned. Sex therapist advised him to take the tablets eroganand I'm very glad the effect of this drug. Sex we have to be so, as in youth! I rate all tablets try eroganand not suffer in silence from disorders erectile function.
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