Instructions for use Erogan

How to tablets Erogan

In addition to the high efficacy and acceptable prices, tablets Erogan differ by the ease of use. Unfortunately, sometimes in the package with the missing liner with the statement that so many men are interested in how to do it properly is to take the drug. In the owner's manual Erogan describes requirements and recommendations:

How to properly use Erogan

  • Taking the drops: drink the tablets twice a day – morning and evening before going to bed;
  • Taking tablets: the tablets should be consumed of 1 piece per day before eating;
  • if the Tool used for the prevention of the erectile dysfunction, tablets through out the day drink;
  • therapeutic course of use of the drug Erogan is at least 1 month, and positive results are visible after 6-8 days.

This Tool to combat impotence, is a certified nutritional supplements. Tablets, a number of laboratory and clinical studies, the results of the international control bodies gave the certificates of the manufacturers to prove the efficacy and safety of funds.

The composition of the drops and pills for potency is a natural and absolutely harmless, so that the drug has no contraindications. However, the manufacturer strongly recommends not men, individual intolerance to some components. Also, this remedy has no side effects.