What is the discharge in men during sexual arousal?

Lubrication in men during arousal what is it

The discharge from the urethra that men notice when they are sexually aroused is a normal physiological phenomenon. It is provided by nature itself to help moisturize the lining of the penis. However, it is important to pay attention to the color of the discharge during erection. If they are transparent it is considered a health indicator. In the case of a change in color and consistency, and the appearance of pain in this case, we need to talk about pathological changes and the presence of infections.

The health of the genitourinary system can be assessed based on the external signs of discharge. The initial change in their properties determines the degree of pathological processes that take place in the body. A man is able to determine all the signs on his own and seek medical help in a timely manner.

General characteristics

Allocations in men are different and depend on individual characteristics. For some they are abundant and occur regularly, for others they are rare or go unnoticed at all. In any case, if a man is healthy, a clear liquid will be released from the penis when aroused, which is perfectly normal and not a sign of abnormalities.

The medical name for erectile secretion is urethrorhea. The fluid that leaks from the urethral canal before sexual intercourse begins or just before ejaculation is called pre-ejaculation. This mucus performs the necessary function - it neutralizes the acidic environment in the vagina, which is harmful to sperm. This prepares the necessary environment for the egg to be fertilized.

The pre-ejaculate contains active sperm, and even after shallow penetration, fertilization of the egg can occur.

natural discharge in men when aroused

The secretion of secretion fluid takes place not only before sexual intercourse, but also in the morning, which is associated with an increase in the level of testosterone - the male sex hormone. Spontaneous ejaculation, or emission, is most common in adolescents during growing up and in men who have not had sex for a long time.

A slight transparent discharge occurs in men when defecating. This phenomenon is called defecation prostator rhea and occurs due to the excessive tension in the abdominal muscles.

Natural secretions of the body:

  • smegma- a product of the sebum glands that is constantly produced and is located under the skin of the foreskin. During the hygiene procedures, it is washed off, otherwise its excessive accumulation will turn into a favorable environment for the development of a pathogenic microflora that provokes inflammatory processes.
  • Sperm- consists of sperm produced by the sex glands. Begins to stand out during ejaculation during sexual release. The ejaculate is white, viscous, and thick. The absence of ejaculation during sexual intercourse or, conversely, the spontaneous flow of semen with no effect indicates diseases of the urogenital organs.

Pathological discharge

The male reproductive system is a complex mechanism, an important part of which is the discharge during erection, which in turn is divided into two types: physiological and pathological. If the former are considered the norm and the patient does not need medical intervention, the latter requires special attention and urgent measures to avoid irreversible consequences.

Assignments of a pathological nature are of infectious origin and not infectious. The former are divided into specific ones caused by sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and non-specific ones that arise when exposed to harmful microorganisms and bacteria. These include chlamydia, ureaplasma candidiasis, herpes, and others.

Non-infectious causes include allergies, trauma to the lining of the urethral canal, and narrowing of the ureter as a result of exposure to chemicals.

pathological discharge in men when aroused

Such a urethral discharge occurs at regular intervals and differs in the following ways:

  • Volume - a lot or drop by drop;
  • external manifestations - the color ranges from a whitish shade to dirty yellow or green; instead of transparency they become cloudy;
  • impurities - streaks of blood, purulent spots, mucus clots;
  • Consistency - liquefied or, conversely, too thick;
  • smell - unpleasantly putrid or sour.

Depending on the state of the male immune system, existing diseases and the type of infectious agent, the secretions are different, which helps determine their nature.

White highlight

The main cause of white discharge in men is candidal urethritis, which is characterized by the following symptoms:

  1. sour yeast-like odor emanating from the urethra;
  2. Leucorrhea of ​​a coagulated consistency that covers the head of the penis;
  3. pain in the groin and genital trunk, accompanied by itching;
  4. discharge when urinating;
  5. irritation in the form of red spots;
  6. rezi during sexual intercourse.

The specified discharge can be observed with mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis and chronic prostatitis, which are characterized by a false urge to go to the toilet, incomplete emptying, accompanied by burning, decreased libido and potency.

Advanced inflammation in the prostate is often the cause not only of sexual disorders, but also of the inability to have offspring.

Purulent discharge

They consist of mucus, dead epithelial particles and leukocytes, a characteristic yellow or yellow-green tint that indicates the presence of diseases:

  • Gonorrhea- viscous, foul-smelling discharge that does not stop all day and causes a burning sensation in the urethra after urinating;
  • Trichomoniasis- in the initial stage it proceeds without significant symptoms, with the exception of the appearance of a yellow discharge. As the infection progresses, the pus-like mucus causes inflammation in the genital area.

Characteristic smell

The foul-smelling discharge during an erection is due to an infection of the urogenital organs. The neglect of hygiene procedures should not be ruled out. The accumulating smegma becomes a favorable environment for harmful bacteria. Their rapid reproduction leads to inflammation of the head of the male organ and the skin under the bridle, which causes a pungent odor.

The same manifestations are observed in men suffering from diabetes mellitus and metabolic disorders.


Traces of blood in the semen that are released in the form of red threads are a sign of an infection of the pelvic organs. The amount of discharge depends on the duration of the illness. After a long time, the mucous layer collapses, exposing small capillaries that begin to bleed at the slightest impact.

There are other reasons as well:

  • medical procedure- removing a swab from the urethra, installing or removing a catheter;
  • kidney sand or stones- if they get through the urethra, it is damaged, blood mixes with urine;
  • Oncopathology- Blood spots appear in cancer of the testicles, testicles and prostate.

Due to external signs of a discharge, an exact diagnosis is not possible. If you suspect any pathology, you need to undergo an examination. Then, based on the results obtained, the specialist will prescribe the necessary treatment. Then it is possible to preserve men's health and avoid irreversible consequences.